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Ex-Mozilla Dev Suggests to Drop all AV Solutions other than Windows Defender

Robert O’Callahan, an Ex-Mozilla top engineer, has explained in a blog post why users should stop using third party Antivirus solutions. Specifically, he suggests Windows 8.1 users ditch all other AV programs and only leave the original Antivirus which comes with the Operating System – Microsoft’s Windows Defender. The announcement comes amid the lack of evidence suggesting that non-MS AV products do not provide any improvement in security, in fact, they …
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Firefox to Release a Crucial Fix Tomorrow

Mozilla is going to patch a flaw in Firefox that if used properly, could be used by attackers to pretend to be the browsers software update servers, and inject malicious code into the victim’s computer. The vulnerability can be exploited to unmask people using the Tor Projects Firefox based, Tor Browser. The hole in security allows an attacker to obtain a valid certificate for addons.mozilla.org to pretend to be the …
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Tor-inspired Privacy Features Are Coming To Mozilla Firefox

In a surprising turn of events, the Mozilla team has announced they will be adding more privacy features to their upcoming Firefox releases. More importantly, they will use some of the Tor features to achieve this goal. This news is not entirely surprising, albeit it has taken some time until the partnership between both parties resulted in this change. More Privacy In Firefox is A Good Thing Back in 2014, …
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