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Top 3 Bitcoin References in Movies

Bitcoin has been captivating audiences all over the world as of late. It is not surprising to learn there have been a few movies where the bitcoin theme is actively touched upon. Although most cryptocurrency references can be found in the TV industry, it appears bitcoin is a somewhat popular topic among movie directors as well. #3 Deep Web Although Deep Web is on the border between documentary and movie, …
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North Carolina film producer creates the first token-enabled crowdsale

GREENSBORO, NC, January 27, 2016 — North Carolina-based film producer, novelist, and entrepreneur, Les Butchart, today announced the Alpha Crowdsale for MoviesAmongFriends.com, a virtual motion picture studio and film showcase.┬áThe Alpha Crowdsale includes funding for three original web series. Crowdsale rewards include opportunities for filmmakers, actors and screenwriters to explore and develop their talent within the virtual studio. A crowdsale is similar to a crowdfunding campaign, with one primary difference: …
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