North Carolina film producer creates the first token-enabled crowdsale

GREENSBORO, NC, January 27, 2016 — North Carolina-based film producer, novelist, and entrepreneur, Les Butchart, today announced the Alpha Crowdsale for, a virtual motion picture studio and film showcase. The Alpha Crowdsale includes funding for three original web series. Crowdsale rewards include opportunities for filmmakers, actors and screenwriters to explore and develop their talent within the virtual studio.


A crowdsale is similar to a crowdfunding campaign, with one primary difference: blockchain-based membership tokens are used to access the crowdsale rewards. Butchart utilized blockchain token applications from, a leading provider of open source token software, to create a “token-enabled crowdfunding solution.” is the first online enterprise to use a token system for motion picture crowdfunding. The Alpha Crowdsale is a multi-phase effort designed to build an online, independent film community with global reach. Butchart’s tokenenabled crowdsale would eventually provide for up to 35 million dollars in production funding.

According to Butchart, “Using the Bitcoin blockchain as a highway for tokenization is what allows for the reinvention of crowdfunding as a utility paradigm by using tokens to build community through a reward program.” In addition to his work in the blockchain space, Butchart is a filmmaker and novelist. Lake of Fire, a motion picture he wrote and directed, will be released this year by New River Releasing, and a novel entitled Elyana will be published by Fugitive Poets Press.

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