Top 3 Bitcoin References in Movies

Bitcoin has been captivating audiences all over the world as of late. It is not surprising to learn there have been a few movies where the bitcoin theme is actively touched upon. Although most cryptocurrency references can be found in the TV industry, it appears bitcoin is a somewhat popular topic among movie directors as well.

#3 Deep Web

Although Deep Web is on the border between documentary and movie, it has quite a few bitcoin references in it. That is not surprising, considering this movie tells the story of Silk Road, bitcoin, and politics found on the darknet. It is quite an intriguing move, which was released back in march of 2015. It is a must watch for every cryptocurrency enthusiast.

What makes this movie rather remarkable is how the narration is done by none other than Keanu Reeves, who is an avid bitcoin enthusiast. Moreover, Deep Web also got some mainstream TV attention, as it aired on the Epix network in May of 2015. All things considered, it tells a grim tale of bitcoin and the deep web but it is a more than informative movie to watch when you have 90 minutes to spare.

#2 Dope

The year 2015 was quite popular for bitcoin-themed movies. Dope is another movie filled with bitcoin references, even though it will not put cryptocurrency in a positive spotlight by any means either. The criminal aspect of bitcoin and cryptocurrency remains very appealing to screenwriters these days and that trend will not change anytime soon.

That being said, Dope has been rather well-received by the overall bitcoin community so far. Then again, the perception bitcoin users have about this movie may differ from those who are uneducated on cryptocurrency in general. Dope is sometimes referred to as a movie for bitcoin users only, but it can still serve an educational purpose as well.

#1 Bitcoin Heist

It doesn’t get better than with a movie that has bitcoin in the title. Bitcoin Heist, also known as Phim Sieu Trom, is a Vietnamese action movie that mixes bitcoin with a fair bit of action and suspense. In fact, it is perhaps the biggest bitcoin movie to date, even though it flew under the radar in the western world.

While this movie is difficult to find in the Western world, it struck a chord with the Vietnamese audience. Bitcoin is not a common commodity in that country, yet adoption is growing slowly as more time progresses. Phim Sieu Trom made it to the Viet Film Fest 2016 in Orange, California, where it was watched by quite a few people.

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