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Mac App Mining Monero Gets Removed From App Store Due to Guideline Violation

Malicious applications mining cryptocurrency have become a lot more common in the past few months. It seems every criminal and their pet is working on some way to use other people’s computing resources to mine Monero or other currencies. Some app developers integrate this option to provide access to premium features. One such app made its way onto Apple’s App Store, but it has since been removed. Apple Removes Troublesome Monero …
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ToTheMoon Experiments With Optional In-Browser Monero Mining

The concept of mining Monero with one’s browser has received a very bad rap over the past few weeks. That isn’t a big surprise, mind you, as none of the solutions we saw come to market allowed users to opt out. Thankfully, there is at least one website on which this feature can be turned on and off depending on users’ preferences. In fact, it is disabled by default, which seems to be the smart …
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Criminals Target CMS Systems to Deploy Malicious Monero Mining Tools

Cybercriminals all over the world have taken a liking to Bitcoin over the past few years. Up to this point, it remains unclear as to why that is, considering Bitcoin has no privacy or anonymity features whatsoever. However, it seems the tide is slowly turning and Monero is quickly becoming the new go-to cryptocurrency in this regard. Especially when it comes to mining Monero, criminals are coming up with increasingly crafty …
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