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Business and Medicine

American healthcare is an expensive business – healthcare spending in the U.S. is over 18% of GDP, and is still on the rise. From the years of 2007 to 2014, American healthcare spending went up by 20% and during this same time, the cost of hospitalization went up by 42%. Some life-saving medicines such as epipens and insulin shots have gone up by hundreds or even thousands of dollars, making …
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The Future of the Nanotech Economy

Medicine, from its origins thousands of years ago all the way to today, has undergone some significant changes as technology and knowledge of the human body have gotten better. One of those improvements being made right now is having tiny, pill sized robots inside your body helping and healing your body in many new and interesting ways. Vibrating capsules in the gut can help promote muscle contractions to jumpstart digestion …
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Tmall Forced To Immediately Halt Over-the-counter Drugs Sales

The Alibaba company runs various online commerce platforms, including Tmall. However, the group has demanded vendors stop offering medicine on the platform, as part of a new directive. Albeit these products seem to be genuine, online platforms have to help their drug sales immediately. OTC Medicine Sales On Tmall When consumers think of online commerce platforms such as the ones operated by Alibaba, the last thing most people would purchase …
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