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Original Petya Developer Releases Master Decryption Key for all Variants

Over the past year or so, we have seen multiple ransomware developers suddenly give up. Free decryption of files for the victims of one of the most popular ransomwares does not happen all that often, so it is big news when this does happen. Petya, also known as Mischa and GoldenEye, is no longer a threat officially. The developer published the master decryption key, which makes restoring file access a lot …
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TeslaCrypt Developers Release Master Decryption Key Free of Charge

TeslaCrypt Bitcoin ransomware has been claiming victims left, right, and center for several months now, but it looks as if this threat is finally over. The developers made the master decryption key publicly available, and anyone who is still dealing with this malware can restore file access free of charge. TeslaCrypt Developers Bail And Leave Decryption Key Considering how TeslaCrypt has been one of the most innovative – and disconcerting …
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