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How Inventory Management Technology Changed Business

Inventory management is a pain. In the past, employees devoted entire weeks to counting and recounting stock and comparing their numbers with orders and sales. Inaccurate inventories led to miscommunications with customers, imbalanced budgets, and worse, but manual inventory management is slow, wasteful, and inexact. Thus, businesses stopped using manual techniques – and the business world was never the same again. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article The technological revolution …
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Kraken Contest Results are in: Invest in Bitcoins, But Don’t Disregard Ethereum

There are more than 100 cryptocurrencies out there, each one with their own use case, market capitalization, and user base. Virtually anyone with the right skill-set can create their own currency. The open nature of crypto and its FOSS philosophy makes it easy for people to adopt it or invest in it. The hard part of launching a cryptocurrency is gathering adoption from the public. The cryptocurrency space has always …
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DNS Management Service No-IP Now Accepts Bitcoin

It is always positive to see more merchants accepting Bitcoin as one of the supported payment methods, especially when that service or product related to the technology sector. Although the usage of DNS service providers might be limited to a select crowd, it is nice to see No-IP accepting Bitcoin payments. This gives Bitcoin another real-life use case and is another notch in the belt of digital currency enthusiasts. Also …
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