DNS Management Service No-IP Now Accepts Bitcoin

It is always positive to see more merchants accepting Bitcoin as one of the supported payment methods, especially when that service or product related to the technology sector. Although the usage of DNS service providers might be limited to a select crowd, it is nice to see No-IP accepting Bitcoin payments. This gives Bitcoin another real-life use case and is another notch in the belt of digital currency enthusiasts.

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No-IP DNS Services For Bitcoin

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The service offered by No-IP is kind of interesting, as they provide a dynamic DNS service to computer users all over the world. Having access to such a service is quite interesting, as it lets users create an easier to remember hostname for a computer or any other internet-connected device. For example, business people accessing their files at home while at work can navigate to a particular address they have set up, rather than remembering the IP address and port.

Although No-IP offers their DNS service free of charge to users looking for dynamic DNS solutions, there is a paid plan available as well. Managed DNS is a service aimed at website owners looking for a solution to reduce downtime and increase overall website loading speed. Managed DNS packages start at US$14.95 per year, and guarantee 100% uptime with an option to use one’s own DNS server.

Additionally, there are other services available through No-IP as well, including email, monitoring, SSL certificates, and managed access. Plus, users can register their domain name through the platform as well, including private registration support for those users looking to keep their registrar information confidential.

All of these services can now be paid for with Bitcoin, which is a great relief to digital currency enthusiasts and people enjoying the No-IP service altogether. There is nothing more annoying than signing up for a service with a credit card or PayPal and have the recurring bills come in automatically without asking users to renew the service.

Bitcoin can counter these worries as there is no recurring payment option for digital currency just yet. Considering how the No-IP platform is open to consumers all over the world, it only makes sense to look for frictionless global payment options as well. Moreover, this news gives Bitcoin another legitimate use case, which can go a long way towards adding more credibility to this digital currency as a payment method.

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