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Major Malvertising Campaign Mines Cryptocurrencies Using Users’ Browsers

Mining cryptocurrency has become even more popular over the past few months. Unfortunately, this trend has also attracted a lot of attention from cybercriminals. As a result of this growing attention by the wrong crowd, criminals have come up with some unique ways to mine cryptocurrencies using other people’s computers. This new malvertising campaign goes to show how things have devolved over just the past few weeks. Malvertising Campaign Mines …
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Top 4 Ways to Protect Yourself Against Malvertising Campaigns

One of the more common ways internet users get malware or ransomware on their computer is due to malvertising campaigns. It is difficult to distinguish between a legitimate and malicious advertising campaigns on the internet, though. On the surface, advertisements all look the same, yet malvertising campaigns distribute malicious Flash objects to websites all over the world through ad networks. Thankfully, there are some convenient ways to protect against the …
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Year-long Malvertising Campaign Finally Comes To An End

Malvertising is quickly becoming a new trend among hackers and other internet criminals A new attack was recently discovered by security experts, even though the campaign had been running for over a year. With several million hits per day, this was one of the most successful malvertising actions to date.Various types of malware, including ransomware, were spread to unsuspecting users during this time. Another Malvertising Campaign Runs Rampant For Over …
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