Binance CEO Quickly Squashes Half-truths Regarding Malta

Twitter always seems to be up in arms when it comes to cryptocurrencies. This week, someone explained how Binance is…

2 years ago

BitBay Migrates to Malta to Continue Offering Cryptocurrency Exchange Services

Various cryptocurrency companies have made the move to Europe in the past few months. This is not entirely surprising, as Europe…

3 years ago

Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency on the Verge of Hitting $9,400

Bitcoin is now trading for just under $9,400. This is a near $200 spike from yesterday’s $9,200, which in turn,…

4 years ago

OKEx Is Expanding to Malta as Island Nation Remains Crypto-Friendly

OKEx is the latest cryptocurrency company to plan a European expansion. There are plenty of reasons as to why cryptocurrency…

4 years ago

OKex to Open Office in Malta, the Blockchain Island

Malta has made the headlines quite often for its crypto-friendly environment which has made it a blockchain hub in Europe.…

4 years ago

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