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Top Crypto Markets Rebound Despite Binance Maintenance

Today is another day on which Binance will go down for scheduled maintenance. Normally, this isn’t a problem, but the current market turmoil may yield a different result.  Binance is still the world’s largest cryptocurrency trading platform on the market today. The Unpredictability of Binance Maintenance Whenever this platform goes down for several hours, the markets may undergo significant changes. Particularly for alternative currencies, this could spell trouble today, after …
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Technical Maintenance By BTC-E Causes Unjustified Panic Among Bitcoin Users

The BTC-E exchange has been down earlier today due to scheduled maintenance. As is usually the case when this happens, there is a lot of confusion and panic over what is going on. Many people assumed there was a security breach, but that does not appear to be the case. No funds are stolen, and everything should be working as normal once again. BTC-E Maintenance Was Scheduled Well Ahead of …
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