Top Crypto Markets Rebound Despite Binance Maintenance

Today is another day on which Binance will go down for scheduled maintenance. Normally, this isn’t a problem, but the current market turmoil may yield a different result. 

Binance is still the world’s largest cryptocurrency trading platform on the market today.

The Unpredictability of Binance Maintenance

Whenever this platform goes down for several hours, the markets may undergo significant changes.

Particularly for alternative currencies, this could spell trouble today, after what can only be described as a brutal weekend. 

This latest maintenance period was well-communicated by the company ahead of time.

Even so, a lot of enthusiasts often remain unaware of what is effectively going on behind the scenes.

Binance has recently gotten caught up in some fake news regarding the Chinese government.

As such, this latest maintenance may spark even more fear among cryptocurrency traders.

As part of the upgrade, it seems nothing major will change.

Binance will keep optimizing the performance of its matching engine, but that is a standard practice. 

It will be very interesting to see how this downtime affects Bitcoin and the top altcoins.

More often than not, a maintenance by Biancne triggers some odd trading behavior across other exchanges.

Given how all markets have noted big losses recently, one can only hope the momentum reverses again.

It seems some of that momentum reversal is already becoming apparent across the top markets.

Only time will tell if any of it can be sustained for more than a few hours on end.