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Fake Crypto Platform Distributes North Korean MacOS Trojan

It has been a while since a new strain of malware was linked to cryptocurrencies. In the case of this particular Trojan, it was hosted on a fake cryptocurrency trading platform. The Trojan was originally identified earlier this week by Dinesh Devadoss, a malware researcher. A new MacOS Malware Surfaces It has not been officially named at this point, but the payload has become apparent. The Trojan distributes the mach-O …
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Bitcoin Ransomware Education – Patcher

New types of ransomware continue to pop up in 2017, even though some of them do things a bit differently. Patcher, a new ransomware discovered by the Trend Micro security researchers, is designed to specifically target MacOS users. In most cases, criminals steer away from MacOS as it is far less commonly used compared to Windows, however this type of malware decided to take a different approach. A Look At …
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Apple Issues MacOS Security Patch to Address Fruitfly Malware

Macintosh users are rarely targeted by malicious software these days. For some people, that creates a false sense of security. Cybersecurity¬†researchers discovered Fruitfly malware is starting to target MacOS users all over the world. Apple has issued a security fix for this vulnerability already, and all users are advised to install the latest security update as quickly as possible. Fruitfly Malware Has Apple Concerned It is always good to see …
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