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Cybercriminals Increase Number of Malware Attacks Against Mac OS Users

It appears Macintosh is becoming a very popular target operating system among cybercriminals these days. Although most people feel this OS is virtually impenetrable, there has been a rising number of malware types designed to attack OS X users. An interesting development, yet it does not bode well for the future. Mac OS Is Becoming A Prominent Target It is rather interesting to see cybercriminals attack a different operating system …
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New Cross-platform Malware Attacks Both Windows and Mac OS X Computers

It does not happen all that often when researchers find a cross-platform malware. A new malicious Word document is a┬ácause of great concern, though, as it can infect both Mac OS X and Windows computers alike. A very unusual development, since criminals very a rarely target the Macintosh platform due to its lesser popularity. It is unclear how harmful this new type of malware might be, though. A Cross-Platform Malware …
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