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Luxembourg Regulators Warn Public About OneCoin Ponzi Scheme

Things continue to go from bad to worse for OneCoin. As if the Ponzi scheme had not gotten enough attention from law enforcement officials already, regulators in Luxembourg have also been actively cracking down on this blatant scam. The company got on the regulators’ radar and they subsequently warned the public not to invest in this pyramid scheme. OneCoin is unsupervised in the region and is not supported in any official capacity whatsoever. Luxembourg Regulators …
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Luxembourg Wants To Become The Top European Financial Hub

Creating the new “Financial Capital of the World” seems to be an uphill battle, but that isn’t keeping Luxembourg from giving it a shot. Most people can’t even point out this tiny nation on a map of Europe, but Luxembourg wants to be the European location of choice for global financial services. Who needs a financial capital when there is Bitcoin? Also read: Converting People To Bitcoin – Verification Procedure …
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