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What Is Digitalbits Cryptocurrency?

Blockchain-oriented projects are crawling out of the woodwork as we speak. Digitalbits wants to introduce a brand-new loyalty and reward program supported by this innovative technology. It is evident that current loyalty systems face some big problems which will not be all that easy to solve. The Purpose of Digitalbits Digitalbits wants to make a positive impact on the customer loyalty and rewards industry in the future. The system currently in place …
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UnionPay and IBM Tap Blockchain To Solve Unspent Loyalty Points Problem

The blockchain can herald significant changes in many different industries affecting our daily lives. UnionPay and IBM are exploring distributed ledgers to exchange loyalty bonus points. An interesting concept, to say the least, especially when considering a working prototype has been demonstrated. More importantly, this concept works across multiple banks, giving it an immediate mainstream appeal. Another Validation of Blockchain Technology It is apparent that blockchain will be making headway in …
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