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California Goes on Lockdown to Prevent Spreading the Novel Coronavirus

Everyone in the United States keeps close tabs on the novel coronavirus outbreak. In California, the situation isn’t looking good, and harsh measures are being introduced. With over 300 confirmed novel coronavirus cases in California, new measures appear more than warranted. California Prepares for the Novel Coronavirus Peak To date, over 8,300 tests have been conducted in the state. That is still a relatively small amount, given how many people …
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Italy Locks Down 14 Provinces Over Novel Coronavirus Fear

Italy is one of the countries hit the hardest by the novel coronavirus. To avoid further spreading of the virus, a lockdown has been announced in northern Italy. When a virus of this magnitude spreads quickly, extreme precautions come into play. Italy Takes Extreme Coronavirus Measures For Italian residents, an emergency lockdown affecting millions of people is in their future. This surprising measure was announced by Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe …
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