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Blockchain-based Airbnb Rival has cut world hotel pricing by 20%

Lockchain (LOC) is the only Blockchain company that has been aiming and succeeding at providing people with statistically significant discounts from booking prices. This European company is quickly gaining traction by providing their clients with a workaround for the exorbitant commissions that increase the hotel prices with (+20% on average) offered by booking oligopolists such as Agoda, Booking.com and Airbnb. Just recently the team at Lockchain has announced that they …
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Bitcoin Pioneers Take on the Middleman Economy With Free Hotel Bookings

In the early days, like many successful technologists, budding Bitcoin entrepreneurs experienced more failures. ¬†Few people had heard of cryptocurrencies and exchanges had more security vulnerabilities. So when Nikola Alexandrov and Hristo Tenchev had to shut down their bitcoin exchange Bitcoin7 four months after its founding in June 2011 after its wallet was hacked, they commensurated with Steve Jobs killing off the Apple Lisa Macintosh desktop computer after huge losses. …
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