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Uber’s New Feature Tracks Users After Their Ride Has Finished

Using the Uber service is quite convenient, and its automated checkout system makes the whole ordeal a lot more comfortable, but there are certain caveats to using these types of services. For example, most Uber users allow the app to keep tracking their location, even when the app is not actively running. What does the Company do with this data, and whom do they sell it to? Uber Is Spying …
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Belgian Telco Proximus To Start Selling User Location Data To Third Parties

Sensitive consumer data is often recorded by third-party service providers. Mobile telcos notoriously log all data passing through their network, including users’ location data. But Proximus, a Belgian telco, apparently sells those location records for the price of 700 EUR per user. All of this information will be sold to enterprises and organizations–a very troublesome turn of events, to say the least. Proximus Takes A Very Drastic Measure Whenever mobile …
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