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Bitcoin is now “Granny-Proof” Courtesy of the Lightning Network

One often heard complaint about Bitcoin and other similar projects is how this technology is very difficult to use. Younger generations seem to struggle less with this new concept of money. Although Bitcoin is far from granny-proof at this stage, a recent Lightning Network trial confirmed things are heading in the right direction. Older Generations and the Lightning Network From the perspective of using Bitcoin as money, it quickly becomes …
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Price of Bitcoin Plunges Further to $7,500

In just the past week, the global market cap of all cryptocurrencies has fallen close to US$70 billion. In that same period, Bitcoin (BTC) has fallen 20% from a local high of US$9,000 to its current price of $7,500. Despite a number of bullish sentiments and news recently, the price of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies across the board continues to fall. On the same day that Forbes called for a $20,000 …
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What is the Lightning Network?

Those of you who have been following Bitcoin news know that the network needs a solution to its scalability problem ASAP. The Lightning network is one of the many solutions which could help Bitcoin scale and meet its users’ demands. Before we explain what the LN (Lightning Network) is we need to understand why it’s needed and why it was created in the first place. The whole point of the …
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