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Two Alleged Lizard Squad Members Taken Into Custody

As far as infamous hacker collectives go, Lizard Squad has to be at the top three of most people’s lists. Two men have been charged with being a member of Lizard Squad, and they await trial related to stealing credit card information and fraud. Additionally, they were also involved is forcing customers to perform DDoS attacks against target websites. Lizard Squad Members Face Serious Charges It is interesting to note both …
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IoT Devices Are Being Hacked By Lizard Squad To Execute DDoS Attacks

People who have been following the tech news may recall the name Lizard Squad. This hacker collective has been a major pain in the neck for computer users all over the world. But it looks like they are changing tactics. Instead of relying on computer botnets, they are now enslaving other internet-connected devices to wreak more havoc. Lizard Squad Is Still On The Scene While most people agree the Internet …
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