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Living Room Of Satoshi Adds PIVX

Private centred Cryptocurrency, PIVX, has been added to Living Room of Satoshi. The move comes at a time the latter is chalking a lot of successes in Australia. PIVX is the seventh Cryptocurrency to be added by the Australian outfit after Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Monero, Litecoin and Ethereum Classic. Prior to this, it was only processing payment in ¬†Bitcoin. Living Room of Satoshi which won the Best Start-Up in Australia …
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Living Room of Satoshi Sees Growing Usage of Ethereum

Ethereum has been getting a lot of attention in recent times, yet a lot of people are wondering how valuable this cryptocurrency will be for real-life purposes. As it turns out, Ethereum is becoming popular when used at the Living Room of Satoshi, as they have overtaken Litecoin as the second most popular cryptocurrency so settle bills. Living Room of Satoshi Sees Ethereum Surge Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts will have heard …
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