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CoinMarketCap vs. LiveCoinWatch vs. Coinbuddy

There are many different websites which allow users to track the evolution of various cryptocurrency markets. Sites like CoinMarketCap and LiveCoinWatch offer such functionality already. Coinbuddy has begun doing the same, albeit in a slightly different fashion. So, how do these platforms stack up against each other? 3. Coinbuddy One of the new contenders on the block when it comes to tracking cryptocurrency prices is Coinbuddy. Although it’s a potentially powerful platform, …
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What Is Live Coin Watch?

When it comes to keeping tabs on the cryptocurrency markets, most people rely on CoinMarketCap even though the service isn’t necessarily perfect by any means. More competition in this market can only be considered a good thing. Live Coin Watch is a new platform which offers a lot of similar functionality to CoinMarketCap. Moreover, all information is updated in real time through a convenient interface. Live Coin Watch has a lot …
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