CoinMarketCap vs. LiveCoinWatch vs. Coinbuddy

There are many different websites which allow users to track the evolution of various cryptocurrency markets. Sites like CoinMarketCap and LiveCoinWatch offer such functionality already. Coinbuddy has begun doing the same, albeit in a slightly different fashion. So, how do these platforms stack up against each other?

3. Coinbuddy

One of the new contenders on the block when it comes to tracking cryptocurrency prices is Coinbuddy. Although it’s a potentially powerful platform, it remains to be seen how this venture will evolve. One can find all of the relevant data, including current prices, changes over the past 24 hours and seven days, market caps, and so forth.

Additionally, the site offers plenty of information on where to buy cryptocurrencies, and how users can best store them. From an information point of view, Coinbuddy seems to have a leg up over its competitors, although it remains to be seen if the platform can gain traction. For novice users, this is a platform worth checking out, although there is always room for further improvement.

2. LiveCoinWatch

Although this is also a relatively new platform, LiveCoinWatch is quickly making its mark on the cryptocurrency industry. It has one particular price tracking feature which one cannot find on either CoinMarketCap or CoinBuddy as of right now. LiveCoinWatch tracks the real-time price changes for all supported currencies, providing up-to-date information at all times.

Additionally, the platform offers a light and dark mode, and lets users exclude Korean exchanges for a more ‘Western’ overview of the cryptocurrency markets. Given the changes which Korean exchanges have undergone over the past few months, the price differences between South Korean and Western markets have lessened, and thus excluding them makes little sense at this point.

1. CoinMarketCap

It is evident that CoinMarketCap has remained the go-to platform for cryptocurrency price information. That is interesting, considering its recent competition. CoinMarketCap tracks a high number of coins and offers hourly, daily, weekly, and 30-day price intervals.

Like LiveCoinWatch, CoinMarketCap has a dark mode and offers the option to exclude Korean exchanges as well. Even so, it lacks the real-time price tracking offered by LiveCoinWatch, as well as information on buying and storing cryptocurrencies such as that found on CoinBuddy. The perfect platform doesn’t exist just yet, but all three of these services offer some interesting features regardless.