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LitePay Ceases All Operations Prior to Launch Due to CEO Controversy

Not all developments in the world of cryptocurrency are positive. That is only to be expected, especially given that not all companies can succeed in this industry. A lot of people had high hopes for LitePay, a company designed to bring Litecoin payments to the masses. Unfortunately, it seems the company has gone bust and the venture will be sold. Curtain Call for LitePay Not too long ago, people were still …
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LitePay Postpones Litecoin Debit Card Plans Due to Issues with Card Issuer

Litecoin users were quite excited regarding the imminent launch of LitePay. This new service brings LTC to more consumers and retailers, and the associated payment card would have made it easier to spend cryptocurrencies as well. Unfortunately, this new service has been put on hold indefinitely. A lot of people are disillusioned by this turn of events, which is only to be expected. LitePay Card Registration process Delayed Indefinitely Anyone who …
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LitePay May Bring a Lot More Positive Attention to Litecoin

We may very well see some major competition in the world of cryptocurrency payments very soon. If everything goes according to plan, the LitePay service will go live today. Not only will this introduce more consumers and retailers to Litecoin itself, but the LitePay Card is expected to become available as well. LitePay Launch is Imminent For those who are unaware of what LitePay is exactly, it is a service …
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