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Litecoin Payments Gain Traction Among Tourism-related Providers

One often heard complaint is how cryptocurrencies have limited use in the real world. Those who own Litecoin can book travel and accommodation courtesy of nearly two dozen service providers. The usability of most crypto assets is virtually non-existent. Litecoin is Very Useful for Traveling Except for a few dozen coins, the others are speculative in nature at best. Litecoin, often criticized for simply copying Bitcoin, has carved its own …
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MimbleWimble Support for Litecoin Continues to Progress

Litecoin is often referred to as a mere copy of Bitcoin. That is rather unfair sentiment, primarily because there are plenty of developments taking place. One of those ongoing developments is known as MimbleWimble. Litecoin’s Implementation of MimbleWimble Progresses Nicely While not unique to Litecoin, significant progress on implementing this solution has been made in recent months.  In the latest update, some more details have been released. One drawback to …
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Litecoin Price Analysis for January, 14th – LTC Heading Upwards

The LTC cryptocurrency preserves the impulse of growth formed at the beginning of the month. On Tuesday morning, January 14th, the LTC is generally trading at $53.46. On D1, after a convergence on the MACD, the quotations have started to rise, breaking out the resistance line of the descending channel. This signifies the beginning of a correctional trend of growth. The first aim of such growth is at 23.6% ($61.53) …
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