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Bitcoin is now Legal Tender in France

Various countries are suddenly recognizing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as legal tender. This is a development many people have been looking forward to, albeit the short-term price impact will probably be minimal. France is the latest country to throw its hat in the ring. France Seems to Welcome Bitcoin More specifically, the Commercial Court of Nanterre has decided thatBitcoin is effectively a currency. In its verdict, it was mentioned how …
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Will Cryptocurrency Bring an End to Fiat Currency?

Humans are resistant to change. Despite centuries of evolution, we still struggle to wean ourselves off the status quo. Yet one could argue that change is woven into the very fabric of humanity and, as such, we should naturally embrace it. Well, if that’s the case, no one’s told the British. After all, the wider global conversation is turning to the burning question of whether cryptocurrency will bring an end …
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