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How to Learn Any Skill Fast

Lifelong learning is something that is sought after by many – 73% of American adults feel that they are lifelong learners, and half feel underskilled and fear that they are missing out on growth opportunities. Lifelong learning can help you prepare for life in many different ways, explaining why so many try to be successful lifelong learners. Lifelong learners have been shown to make new friends and connections, feel more …
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34 Hours of Gaming May Be Comparable to a Semester of College

The onset of the digital age provides innovative new methods of almost every aspect of our lives. One facet of this is how mobile apps and websites have enabled different modes of learning to a large audience. Learning through play is no new concept, but the digital age supplies new vehicles for the gamification of learning. John Huizinga coined the term Homo ludens in his 1938 book “Homo Ludens.” In …
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AMD Will Release Dedicated GPUs to Accelerate Machine Learning Applications

AMD will offer dedicated solutions to tackle the artificial intelligence, machine learning niches. AMD Radeon Instinct is the name of the new family of GPUs aimed at the high-performance computing market.  We all love video games, products of the ever-rising entertainment industry that allow us to enjoy our free time without having to leave our homes. Computer games demand intensive computing power, and that’s why GPUs exist. But this time AMD, one …
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