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What Is LBRY Credits?

With the advent of the internet, various art forms have become infinitely reproducible and shareable. This is in stark contrast to the way in which arts such as music were distributed in decades past. Today, with the blockchain offering customers a decentralized means of sharing content, most creative material is distributed as digital data that is essentially a string of 1s and 0s. LBRY can be thought of as the world’s …
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Here Are 5 Coins Currently Providing Consumers With a Product

In a market dominated by lofty ideas and little in the way of concrete development, it’s easy to overlook the more grounded projects, those that are actively working towards and already providing real-world solutions. However, there are a number of projects that are actively providing a product to consumers every day. Here are five that deserve some attention: LBRY Credits (LBC) LBC powers a decentralized media platform branded as a YouTube-killer. …
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