Tag: Laszlo Hanyecz

Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Falls to $8,200

At press time, bitcoin is trading for roughly $8,220 – about $130 less than where it stood yesterday. One source places current resistance levels at $8,600, which bitcoin was previously unable to break. The currency rose to the $8,500 mark 48 hours ago, but has incurred subsequent drops ever since. In addition, bitcoin has also failed to sustain previous support levels at $8,300, thus leading to the most recent drop. …
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The History of Bitcoin In Ten Minutes Or Less

For many people, it is impossible to grasp the history of Bitcoin and its success so far, even though the popular digital currency has only been around for a handful of years so far. Futurism posted an interesting infographic that will tell people the entire history of Bitcoin so far or at last, the parts that really matter. Keeping in mind how there are always things going on in the …
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