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Bitcoin VPS Review – CrownCloud

One of the most prominent traits about a good VPS provider is how they accept not only Bitcoin payments, but also their distributed servers around the world. CrownCloud hosts their dedicated services in Los Angeles and Frankfurt, whereas the VPSes themselves are located in four different locations. Additionally, the company offers quite the package for OpenVZ, KVM, and dedicated server users. Also read: Microsoft Envision Is A Partnership With R3 …
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Bitcoin VPS Providers Review – RamNode

There are many different VPS providers accepting Bitcoin payments these days because there are many advantages to doing so. But at the same time, using Bitcoin provides customers with an extra level of privacy or anonymity, which is valuable to some people more than others. RamNode is one of the VPS providers dealing with Bitcoin payments, and they are a lot cheaper than most services. But does that mean they …
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