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One of the most prominent traits about a good VPS provider is how they accept not only Bitcoin payments, but also their distributed servers around the world. CrownCloud hosts their dedicated services in Los Angeles and Frankfurt, whereas the VPSes themselves are located in four different locations. Additionally, the company offers quite the package for OpenVZ, KVM, and dedicated server users.

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CrownCloud Accepts Bitcoin For All Services

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When looking at the CrownCloud website for the very first time, it becomes immediately clear this company is offering a wide variety of services. Not only do we have the OpenVZ and KVM VPS options, but there is also an option to purchase shared hosting, dedicated server space, or even colocation.

Bitcoin users will probably be most interested in the OpenVZ VPS services offered by CrownCloud, and there is quite a selection to choose from. Depending on the hard disk space, bandwidth, and memory one is looking for, prices range from US$25 per year to US$30 per month. What makes these solutions even more interesting is how the company allows for cPanel installations and scalability as the user decides upon.

KVM VPS services offered by CrownCloud, on the other hand, range from US$25 per year to US$56 per month. Similar addons to the OpenVZ servers are provided, as both types of solutions include full management for the VPS itself. The main difference has the option to install BSD or Windows on these machines as well, other than Linux.

Among the payment methods accepted by CrownCloud are Bitcoin – processed through BitPay – as well as credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and AliPay. New users are eligible for a discount on each and every plan offered by the company, assuming they pay for a semi-annual or annual plan. Moreover, resellers buying in bulk will be eligible for additional discounts.

As one would come to expect from VPS providers such as CrownCloud, there are some restrictions as to which types of software one is allowed to run on these servers. Tor exit nodes, digital currency mining, and malicious programs are prohibited, and will get one’s account banned sooner rather than later.

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