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KuCoin Shares Price Tanks Further Despite Buyback Announcement

After what appears to be a multi-day bull run for most cryptocurrencies, the momentum may be coming to end fairly soon. Some of the top markets are already dipping in the red, which usually doesn’t bode too well for alternative offerings.  As some markets struggle, others will continue to soar. The KuCoin Shares price, however, is getting battered on an hourly basis at this point. KuCoin Shares Price Tanks Hard …
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Top 5 Cryptocurrency Rivalries

While there is weight to the argument that the success of one cryptocurrency promotes the success of all cryptocurrencies, there are certainly a number of coins whose communities and even development teams have adopted a position of spite and rivalry toward competing projects. Here are five of the best rivalries throughout cryptocurrency. 5. Binance Coin vs KuCoin Shares While Binance emerged as the premier altcoin exchange in 2017, high withdrawal …
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What Is KuCoin Shares?

Altcoin exchanges have been a hot topic recently. Top exchanges earned tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars in 2017, despite users of virtually all exchanges running into frequent and significant problems. Such a huge market, combined with the lackluster nature of top providers, creates a prime opportunity for new exchanges to enter the market and potentially grow on the scale of magnitudes. For individuals looking for a slice of the pie, …
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