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Krypton Drops Ethereum Blockchain Due To “Deadly Exploit”

The entire story about Krypton is a rather interesting one. Although the cryptocurrency survived a 51% attack, the team decided to switch the codebase for their blockchain. Instead of using the Ethereum chain, Krypton will now use Bitcoin.An interesting decision, considering 21,465 KR has been stolen. What Is Krypton Up To? It is very uncommon to see a cryptocurrency project switch from one blockchain to another. After Krypton had been …
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Krypton Wants to Become A Faster Ethereum

Ethereum has brought us tools like Smart Contract, Dapp and DAO creation, deployment, and management. We can easily pay someone without ever hitting the send button, access decentralized applications that cannot be censored or shut dow,n and we can be part of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. Mistakes were made, bugs were found, and recently, Millions were lost. Some are calling The DAO hack the most expensive bug bounty ever held, but …
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