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Kik Raises Almost $100m During Kin Token Distribution Event

When Kik Interactive announced its cryptocurrency ICO, a lot of people were taken by surprise. Having an established company embrace this new way of raising money is pretty significant as a whole. As one has come to expect, this ICO was highly successful overall, as the company raised nearly US$100 million. There was massive global interest in this ICO; that much is evident. Kin ICO is a Major Success We have documented the concept of …
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GetGems vs Status vs Kik ICO

We have seen many different types of cryptocurrency ICOs over the past few years. Some of these projects focus on instant messaging applications and creating a new native token to be used as the platform’s currency. The GetGems project tried to tackle this industry but ultimately disappeared into obscurity. Status is following a somewhat similar path, yet they face an uphill battle as well. Last but not least, there is …
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Kik Messsenger’s Kin Digital Currency – What We Know So Far

The new Kik messaging app is generating quite the buzz across social media platforms. That is only normal, as instant messaging apps have become incredibly popular these past few years. Kik will also create its own native digital currency, which is called Kin. This particular concept has piqued a lot of people’s interest, thus it is a good time for us to see what Kin is all about. The Kin …
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