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Judge Approves IRS Tax Information Request to Coinbase

On November 20, the American IRS (Internal Revenue Service) submitted a request to Bitcoin startup, Coinbase. The document demanded detailed financial and personal information on all of the platform’s users. Now, the judge assigned to the case has ruled in favor of the government agency. The Internal Revenue Service has a judge’s green-light to serve Coinbase, one of the biggest Bitcoin startups, with a summons for detailed information about its users. Judge Jacqueline …
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State of Florida Appeals “Bitcoin is Not Money” Verdict

A local Florida Bitcoin seller recently saw all charges against him dismissed by a judge. That seemed rather strange, considering Michell Espinoza was under investigation for money laundering and unlicensed money transmission. However, the judge ruled. Bitcoin is not money. The state of Florida is now appealing that decision, and this case will drag on for quite some time. Michell Espinoza Is Not Off The Hook Yet Back in 2014, …
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Judge Feels Internet-connected Devices Should Not Expect Any Privacy Protection

Privacy is a topic which can be interpreted in a wide variety of different ways. At the same time, there are a lot of people who don’t grasp the concept of digital privacy. One judge in Virginia has ruled that Internet-connected computers will offer no privacy. The reason is simple: computer security is inefficient at stopping hackers. But what does this mean for law enforcement hacking? Is There Such a …
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