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Blockchain + IoT: The Isle of Man Thinks it’s a Perfect Match

The Internet of Things (IoT) in its broader definition, is the interconnection of many heterogeneous devices –ranging from desktop computers, embedded systems, small sensors, among others-. The IoT paradigm seeks to bring smart devices and sensors to all places, can Blockchain Technology help in this task? The Isle of Man thinks so. The government of the Isle of Man has announced its intention (along with a proof-of-concept) to build a …
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Bruce Anstey To Wear Bitcoin and CoinCorner Logo During Isle of Man TT 2016

Spreading the word on Bitcoin is a smart move by companies active in the space. CoinCorner will be sponsoring Bruce Anstey in the Isle of Man TT 2016, just like they did last year. CoinCorner Takes Advertising To A New Level Most Bitcoin users are well aware of how the Isle of Man is an area very keen on Bitcoin and Fintech these days. Several Bitcoin companies have set up …
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Isle of Man Grants Designated Business Status To Coincorner

There is a lot of focus on regulating Bitcoin all over the world, particularly when exchanges and other money transmitting services are concerned. The Isle of Man is one of the most favorable regions for Bitcoin companies, and British exchange CoinCorner has received “Designated Business” status just a few days ago. CoinCorner Is Now Officially Licensed Similar to most countries in the world, the Isle of Man has been focusing …
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