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IOTA Price Reaches $2.4 Again While Other Markets Lose More Ground

Although it almost seemed as if the cryptocurrency markets would see some positive momentum today, the reality tends to work out completely different. In the entire top 10, there is only one currency noting some decent gains. More specifically, the IOTA price has risen by a surprising 13.12%, pushing its value to almost $2.5 once again. IOTA Price Momentum Remains Impressive It has to be said, the IOTA price is …
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IOTA Price Notes Strong Gains Despite Bearish Pressure for all Cryptocurrencies

Today will be either a pretty good or absolutely terrible day for all cryptocurrencies. More specifically, the uptrend is still in place, although it seems evident there is some bearish pressure forming as well. As of right now, the IOTA price is still noting some strong gains, as it value holds steady above $2. Whether or not this trend will continue in the days to come, is a different matter …
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IOTA Price Surpasses $2 as Brief dip is Bought Quickly

With the total cryptocurrency market cap fast approaching the $400bn mark again, the coming months will be interesting to keep an eye on. Despite some minor bearish pressure on the hourly candles, all currencies that matter are still in the green overall. The IOTA price is the biggest gainer in the top 10 right now. Thanks to solid 24-hour gains, one MIOTA is now valued at $2.09. IOTA Price Surge …
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