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Three in Four US Enterprises Will Only Upgrade Cyber Security After An Attack

Enterprises mostly still live in the dark ages of cyber security, unfortunately enough. A recent survey by the RSA indicates the majority of companies dealing with cyber attacks have little to no response capabilities. In this day and age of hacking, data breaches, and malware threats, such a lackluster level of security is entirely unacceptable. A Stern Wake-up Call For Enterprises The survey conducted by the RSA is not spelling …
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SWIFT Network Abused Again By Internet Criminals

For the second time in a few months, the SWIFT payment network has come under attack from hackers. To make matters even worse, a different bank was involved in the process this time, and money has been stolen this time as well. Another SWIFT Attack Targets Commercial Bank This second attack on the SWIFT payment network targeted a commercial bank this time, rather than the central bank of Bangladesh this …
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Ransomware Education – Reveton Never Asked For Bitcoin Payments

Throughout the years, there have been various versions of ransomware infecting computers all over the world. Both individual and enterprise users have been affected by these nasty pieces of software, which can wreak a fair bit of havoc. To most people, ransomware is automatically associated with Bitcoin, but this hacker trend started out before Bitcoin was even remotely attractive. One of the first pieces of ransomware to make a major …
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