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2020 Bitcoin Halving Attracts a lot of Interest From Institutional Investors

More often than not, people actively wonder who is responsible for buying up the newly mined BTC on the network. As it turns out, institutional investors may play a bigger role in this process than originally anticipated.  Unlike traditional forms of money, Bitcoin has not hit an actual supply cap as of yet. Institutional Investors are Shopping for Bitcoin Instead, there will be an ongoing process of minting new BTC …
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Gemini Launches Block Trading to Attract Institutional Investors

The Gemini exchange is constantly evolving and adding new features. Considering that this platform is mainly aimed at institutional investors, it is only normal that it adds features and tools which benefit those users. In particular, the introduction of block trading is pretty intriguing. Explaining the Concept of Block Trading Cryptocurrency users who have paid close attention to how exchanges operate may be aware that not all trades occur on the main order book. In …
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LedgerX Processes Over $1m in BTC Swaps and Options Trades in First Week

Institutional investors will always look for new ways to gain access to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In most cases, they will use dark pools or regulated investment vehicles such as CFDs and options trades. LedgerX is one of the companies focusing on swaps and options trades for cryptocurrency. So far, business is booming, as it processed over US$1 million worth of transactions in the first week. A Solid First Week for LedgerX …
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