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5 Projects Combining AR and Blockchain

Fred Ehrsam, co-founder of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges Coinbase and GDAX, believes that virtual reality could be blockchain’s “killer app”. The Merkle decided to list those projects which are combining these two swiftly advancing technologies. Decentraland Decentraland’s blockchain-based world redefines the concept of blockchain data as a form of ownership. As the “first virtual platform owned by its users”, Decentraland wants its users to grab a VR headset and use a …
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Force of Will Targets Japan With Blockchain-based Trading Card Game

Blockchain-based trading card games are an opportunity well worth exploring by developers all over the world.Spells of Genesis; a game,e developed by EverDreamSoft; has seen its fair share of success so far: But its creators are looking to the future, and they have announced the developed of a new game, called Force of Will Battle Simulator. Force of Will Takes Blockchain Gaming To Japan It was only a matter of …
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