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Incent Offers New Possibilities for Wealth Generation

Crypto loyalty platform Incent is giving everyday consumers a new way to save as they spend, building a nest egg at a time when there are few good opportunities for regular investors. In the ten years since the Global Financial Crisis, Quantitative Easing has boosted housing and asset prices, the wealthy have prospered and inequality has increased – but ordinary people are struggling with increased debt and lower wages. Low …
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Incent Targets Broken Economy With Blockchain Rewards

Australia’s first crypto is seeking to overhaul the loyalty industry and change the way consumers spend, save and build wealth – at a time of unprecedented challenges for millennials and the younger generations. Over the past two years, loyalty has emerged as a major use case for blockchain technology, offering efficiencies and entirely new business models. It is an open secret that conventional consumer loyalty is broken, with most rewards …
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