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Wells Fargo Blocks $180m in Funds Belonging to iFinex and Tether Customers

There is hardly ever a boring day in the world of cryptocurrency, and today is no different. It appears as if the Wells Fargo Bank has caused some controversy. This bank no longer allows virtual currency platform customers withdraw money. So far, close to US$180m in funds is locked up in Wells Fargo accounts, with no clear path to a resolution in sight. iFinex And Tether Ltd Are In Troubled …
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Converting BFX Tokens to Ifinex Equity is Not As Lucrative As It Seems

Ever since Bitfinex got hacked, there have been some questions regarding the corporate structure. We all know Ifinex is the parent company of the exchange. But one diagram on Twitter paints a very interesting picture of what is going on behind the scenes. All of the information is allegedly based on the last annual return of Renrenbee Limited, as well as statements provided on the BnkToTheFuture platform. The World of …
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