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New ABN Amro App Sends Payment Requests Through WhatsApp

In a rather unexpected move, Dutch bank ABN Amro is tackling the mobile payment space from a different angle. The financial institution will make use of WhatsApp to let users request payments. Doing so will provide a link between WhatsApp contact lists and customer mobile payments app. ABN Amro’s Tikkie Is Quite Different Most financial institutions would rely on their own standard mobile banking app to let customers send and …
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iDeal Takes A Page Out of Bitcoin’s Book By Experimenting With Payment QR Codes

QR codes present an interesting opportunity for payment technology. Up until this point, most people and companies have been sparingly using QR codes to host additional information about events or movies. In the Bitcoin world, QR codes have been the norm for payments for quite some time now. The Dutch Payment Association Is looking into developing iDeal payments through QR codes. Also read: Bitcoin A Viable Option For Arcade City …
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