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Initial Coin Offerings: The Badlands Between Innovation and Regulation

In recent weeks, the SEC sent a shockwave of concern that’s reverberating through the blockchain industry – issuing subpoenas to companies that have conducted Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).   Those of us who understand the regulatory process foresaw the SEC subpoena sweep coming from miles away. Those who operated under the false assumption that blockchains, ICOs and related innovations were outside of current laws need a simple lesson in regulation.  Regulation …
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Japanese Financial Regulator Issues Warning on ICOs

While many people consider initial coin offerings to be high-risk investments, the rewards are often worth it for investors throughout the world. However, ICOs remain an unregulated market, and recently, Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA) warned of the risks posed by these crowdfunding campaigns. Price volatility and fraud potential The agency commented that the potential for fraud as well as price volatility are danger factors faced by investors in ICOs, but also mentioned that they could be …
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