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Is Cybercrime Getting Out of Control?

Stating that cybercrime is on the rise is rather like saying the world is round. Identifying this well-known fact is no longer any great discovery. But understanding the magnitude of the problem and how it affects us as we use the internet is an important starting point. Earlier this week, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) released their 2017 Internet Crime Report. More than 300,000 consumers reported that they …
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Tech Support Scams Caused Over $2.5m in Financial Losses This Year Alone

Tech support scams are becoming the new trend as of late, and the FBI has voiced their concerns over this new threat. By duping victims into handing over remote access over devices, they end up losing money when the system is held hostage. Taking the proper security measures will need to happen at the user level, as the FBI can’t do much in this regard. Worrisome Losses Due To Tech …
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