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Hyperledger and the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Face Off

The fight between Hyperledger and the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance seems destined to be an all-out battle that will determine which platform will rule the day. Just like the old days when the struggle between video machine formats led to the advancement of one over the other and the demise of the losing platform, so too could be the battle between Hyperledger and the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) platforms. In the famous video machine battle, …
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ABN Amro and IBM To Host First-ever Hyperledger Project Hackathon

The Hyperledger Project is, together with the R3 Consortium, one of the most prominent ventures into blockchain technology to date. It is rather interesting to see various financial players support different projects. ABN Amro, for example, will run the first ever Hyperledger hackathon. They will do so together with the help of some strategic partners. A Hyperledger Hackathon For New Blockchain Use Cases One of the primary reasons to host …
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Vitalik Buterin Proposes the Integration of Ethereum Inside the Hyperledger Project

Ethereum’s creator Vitalik Buterin suggested the use of its invention to power the Hyperledger’s project. Vitalik Buterin was invited to give a presentation this morning to the members of Hyperledger’s committee. Vitalik suggested three different ‘paths’ that leads to the creation of a common standard blockchain protocol to be used by the project’s consortium of companies. The Hyperledger Project is an initiative and collaborative effort to advance blockchain technology by identifying and addressing important …
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