Tag: Hyperinflation

In Venezuela, Payments Are Based on The Bills’ Weight Rather Than Their Denomination

The financial situation in Venezuela is getting out of hand rather quickly. With hyperinflation plaguing the country for quite some time now, a solution remains elusive for now. Printing higher denomination banknotes is not providing to be a success either. In fact, weighing cash to pay for goods and services seems to be the new course of action–a rather worrisome development, to say the least. The Weight of Cash Has …
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Bitcoin is A More Viable Solution Than Going Cashless In Argentina

Going cashless seems to be of the utmost importance to some countries around the world for some reason. While it may make sense for some countries to do so, Argentina would not necessarily be on that list. Then again, the country wants to revamp the banking system, but what will that mean for Bitcoin? A Cashless Argentina Wouldn’t Solve The Problem One of the biggest problems the Argentine economy has …
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