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Omnitude is the Latest ERC20 Token to Become Virtually Worthless

It has not been an easy period for altcoins and projects initially raising a lot of funds. Omnitude is the latest victim, as its development funds have completely dried up. It is always unfortunate when crypto enthusiasts lose money. Omnitude Bites the Dust in the end However, investing in any project always carries significant risks. Primarily projects claiming to be the next big altcoin will often fail sooner rather than …
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Humaniq celebrates success: First working hybrid Blockchain and 100,000-strong community

Reaching technological and community-building milestones gives Humaniq reason to be confident for its future expansion, as it finds a way to cut transaction costs, and the hundred thousandth community member joins. London, March 22, 2018 – Humaniq has achieved the first working hybrid Blockchain with the 2.0 version of its app, to retain the benefits of the Ethereum mainnet while expanding faster. Humaniq today announces that the recently launched 2.0 …
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What Is HTMLCoin?

There are quite a few “older” cryptocurrencies which still fly under the radar today. HTMLCoin certainly falls into this category, even though the team intends to set a new standard for cryptocurrency and blockchain innovation in the future. There are some interesting aspects of HTMLCoin, including its hybrid approach and the use of Ethereum’s Virtual Machine. Why is HTMLCoin a Currency? There can never be enough ventures to promote the benefits …
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